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What are the worries?

When inviting technicians from overseas, wanting to hire international students in Japan, and wanting to dispatch Japanese staff to the United States, what do you start with and what are the worries? According to the Administrative Scrivener's Law, the administrative scrivener handles the application and authorization of the public office and the documents concerning the rights and duties such as the heritage division consultation document, content certificate etc., consultation. Our office is an administrative scrivener office specializing in naturalization, permission for permanent residence, status of residence, US visa, short stay visa application, corporation establishment. Please feel free to contact us. We will respond in good faith to various troubles.

■ Save time

If you leave it to our office, you can save a lot of time to collect and create complicated documents, enter the immigration office, and apply for application to government offices such as embassies or consulates.

■ Reliable price

Because we set the fee low, such as the status of residence ・ application for permanent residence permission, we can reduce the burden considerably even in the distant place. For example, even if you are going back and forth between Tokyo immigration and Osaka, the total cost is still lower than the average price of the city center. In addition, our office is compatible across the country. Furthermore, we have proficient English-speaking staff so we can correspond in English. Please feel free to contact us.

■ After-sales follow-up

Well, Japanese food and Japanese paper were certified as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, and Mt. Fuji was certified as a World cultural heritage. It is expected that people interested in Japanese traditional culture, natural heritage, science and technology will increase overseas in the future. As a result, travelers entering Japan, international students, and engineers are supposed to be increasingly necessary. When these people enter Japan, travelers also need a visa for short-term visits, international students and engineers need visas. Even after acquiring a visa safely and entering the country, when a foreigner got married and a child was born, he wished to permanent residence or naturalization soon, when he got married, he applied for a certificate of marriage requirement to the consulate or the embassy and was born Child needs to apply for permission to obtain status of residence at immigration, permission to permanent residence permits for immigration, application for naturalization to legal affairs bureau naturalization. When a foreigner travels abroad, you apply for re - entry permit, and when studying abroad for international students etc, you need to apply for permission for activities outside your status. We believe that if you leave it to our office, we can provide such best support for various problems after entering the country. Thanks to you, we received very popular reviews from customers. If you are worried about applying for visa, permanent residence, naturalization permission, please feel free to contact our office. We will respond in good faith.

Tokuno Immigration Law Firm


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